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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory


                Astra Pouch, Penfield, NY, 330-719-2443,?www.astrapouch-na.com?

                ?Beverage International, Pasadena, TX, 281-772-0296,?www.beverageintl.com?
                We are a bag in box manufacturing company. We have a complete line of generic sodas and juiced. Our facility is able to produce 200-300 bag in boxes daily.

                California Natural Products, Lathrop, CA, 209-390-0318,?www.cnp.com
                Wine, Coffee, Soups, Milk, Organic

                Carolina Packing, Henderson, NC, 252-433-0134,?www.carolinapacking.com
                Bottling BBQ sauce & sauces of all types, marinades, jams, salsa, beverages, toppings,?
                Spice Blends, Rubs, Wine Sauces?
                We fill glass and plastic bottles from 1.5 fl. oz. and up to large drum and bulk tote capacities. Production batch sizes starting at just 150 gallons up to thousands of gallons. Need a 1 gallon lab sample made by our food science department? No problem. Contact us with your needs. Your CoPacker For Quality CoPacking

                East Coast Crush & Copack, Naples, NY, 585-374-9700,?www.crushandcopack.com

                G.K. Skaggs, Irvine, CA, 949-752-1500,?www.gkskaggs.com
                Wine, Beer

                KDM Global Partners, Philadelphia, PA, 215-509-7500,?www.kdmglobalpartners.com
                Custom Wine Brands

                Kruger Wines & Spirits, Boucherville Quebec Canada, 800-548-8469,?www.krugervs.com
                Liquor, Wines

                Infinity Beverages, Eau Claire, WI, 402-374-6542,?www.infinitybeverages.com
                Wines, Liquors

                Inland Packaging, La Crosse, WI, 608-788-5800,?www.inlandpackaging.com?
                Labels and Packaging for appetizers, beverages, candy, condiments, dairy products, desserts, canned fruit and vegetables, healthy living, honey & syrups, meats, oils, pet foods, sauces, seasonings, snacks, soups, beer, wine, and spirits.
                Inland is one of the largest privately-owned label and packaging printers in North America. We provide pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve, cut and stack and in-mold labels as well as flexible packaging options. Your product packaging matters. Whether you're a leading consumer brand or an up-and-coming private label, your brand needs to stand out on store shelves. Inland prides itself on building long-lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. We are never satisfied with the status quo and our ownership is committed to continued investment into the organization to drive growth. Let's Talk

                Papietro Perry Winery, Heraldsberg, CA, 707-433-0422,?www.papapietro-perry.com
                Wines, Gift Packages, Merchandise

                St. Julian, Paw Paw, MI, 800-732-6002,?www.stjulian.com

                (The) Big Beverage Company, Mooresville, NC, 855-800-9013,?www.bigbeverages.com
                Water, Juices, Organic, Tea, Soda, Wine Beer

                Top Shelf Blends, Tulia, TX, 806-995-2224,?www.topshelfblends.com
                Private Label Winery and Distillery,?With 38,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space and top of the line bottling and packaging equipment, we can handle all of your beverage needs.?We have invested heavily in alcohol filling and production capabilities to provide our customers with a flexible manufacturing experience.?Utilizing over a decade of industry experience, we create innovative awareness and consumer pull for our clients.Explore our Innovative award winning brands. From Texas proud Habeneros (Vodka where the sweet meets the heat) to the Eskimo Hut.?

                US Beverage Manufacturing, San Luis Obispo, CA,?www.usbeveragemanufacturing.com
                Wines, Waters