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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                Alexander Gourmet Beverages, Caledon, Ontario, 905-361-2577,?www.alexanderstea.com
                Gourmet Teas

                Andros Foods, Mt. Jackson, VA, 844-426-3767,?www.androsna.com
                Juices, Preserves, Candy, Applesauce, Frozen Desserts, Organic, Kosher, Spreads, Iced Tea, Jams

                Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oils, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables

                Atlanta Coffee and Tea, Decatur, GA, 770-981-6774,?www.atlantacoffeeandtea.com
                Coffee, Tea

                AZ Pack, Tempe, AZ, 480-449-7770,?www.azpack.com
                Teas, Energy Drinks, Fruit Drinks, Kosher, Halal, Non GMO's, Canning

                Baronet Coffee, Hartford, CT, 800-227- 6638,?www.baronetcoffee.com
                Coffee, Tea, Kosher

                Blue Ridge Tea & Herb Co., Brooklyn, NY, 718-625-3100,?www.blueridgetea.com
                Teas, Herbs

                Boston's Best Coffee Roasters, South Easton, MA, 800-898-8393, ext. 170,?www.bostonsbestcoffee.com
                Coffee, Tea, & Hot Cocoa
                In business since 1979, Boston's Best Coffee offers a large selection of gourmet coffee flavors & blends in a wide variety of packaging, including: single serve coffee and tea, ground 10-12 oz retail quad-seal bags, individual serving instant coffee packets, ground/whole bean cans, fractional packets, etc. Hot cocoa and tea also available. I'd love the opportunity to discuss how we might be able to connect with you and help meet your current coffee needs and/or extend your brand's product offering.?
                California Natural Products, Lathrop, CA, 209-390-0321,?www.baytechfolio.com
                Syrups, Soy Milk, Soups, Chai Tea, Sauces, Kosher, Organic

                Clearly Kombucha, Fairfield, CA, 415-590-2037,?www.clearlykombucha.com
                Organic Sparkling Fermented Tea

                Coastal Packaging, Newnan, GA, 678-854-2117,?www.freshbru.com
                Coffee, Tea, Organic, Fruit Juices, Syrups, Energy Drinks, Vegan, Gluten Free

                Coffee Masters, Spring Grove, IL, 800-334-6485,?www.coffeemasters.com
                Teas, Hot Chocolates, Gifts, Syrups

                Colgin, Inc., Dallas, TX, 888-226-5448,?www.colgin.com
                Juices, Mixers, Teas, Energy Drinks, Salsa, Ketchup, Mustare, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Liquid Smoke, Kosher

                Custom Beverage Concepts, Tallapoosa, GA, 770-574-9899,?www.custombeverageconcepts.com
                Hot & Cold Beverages, Sugars, Sugar Substitutes, Iced Tea, Protein Shakes

                Custom Co-Pak, Philadelphia, PA, 215-743-2617,?www.customcopak.com?
                Teas, Herbs, Seasonings, Organic, Kosher

                Damron Corp., Chicago, IL, 773-826-6000,?www.damrontea.com

                Davidson's Organics, Reno, NV, 800-882-5888,?www.davidsonstea.com

                (The) Drink Ink, Las Vegas, NV, 888-454-3466,?www.thedrinkink.com
                Sodas, Energy Shots, Water, Sports Drinks, Teas

                Empire Tea Services, Columbus, IN, 812-375-1937,?www.empiretea.com
                Teas, Iced Teas

                Enlightened Beverages, Le Sueur, MN, 888-522-2892,?www.enlightenedbeverages.com
                Frapp¨¦s, Smoothies, Chai Teas and Premium Cocoas

                Farmer Bros., Torrance, CA, 310-787-5200,?www.farmerbros.com
                Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, Cider, Spices, Seasoning Blends

                (The) Fresh Factory, Carol Stream, IL, 708-207-4677,www.thefreshfactory.co?
                Teas, Juices, Dips, Mayos, Spreads, Baby Food, Marinades, Pesto Sauce, Salad Dressings, Ready to Eat Soups Gluten Free, Kosher, Organic, NonGMO,?
                At the Fresh Factory, we've built a platform to accelerate the growth of clean-label and plant-based food and beverage brands. We are vertically integrated from the farm to the shelf and offer services above and beyond traditional manufacturing, becoming a trusted growth partner for leading brands. In short, we seek to be a partner, not a vendor.

                Freshbru, Newnan, GA, 678-854-2117,?www.freshbru.com
                Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juices, Syrups, Energy Drings, Organic, Kosher

                Harris Tea Co, Morristown, NJ, 856-793-0290,?www.harristea.com

                H.A.Rider & Sons, Watsonville, CA, 831-722-3882,?www.hariderandsons.com
                Cider, Kosher

                H & H Products Co., Orlando, FL, 407-229-5410,?www.hhproductscompany.com
                Beverage Concentrates, Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Slush Mix, Daiquiri Mix, Pancake Syrups

                Johanna Foods, Flemington, NJ, 908-788-2200,?www.johannafoods.com
                Juices, Yogurts, Tea

                Max Voets Coffee Roasting LTD, Vernon, BC, 250-540-2711,?www.voetscoffee.com
                Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, Frappes, Espresso, Organic

                Mayer Brothers, Barker, NY, 716-668-1787,?www.mayerbrothers.com
                Juices, Waters,Teas

                Minard Farms Beverage Company Inc., Clintondale, NY, 845-702-8239,?www.minardfarmsbeverage

                Monterey Bay Spice Co., Watsonville, CA, 800-500-6148,?www.herbco.com
                Teas, Seasonings, Oils

                Motovotano, Anacortes, WA,? 206-363-0338,?www.motovotano.com
                Organic, Tea

                Mother Murphy's, Greensboro, NC, 800-849-1277,?www.mothermurphys.com
                Coffee, Tea, Cookies, Cracker, Dry Mixes, Energy Bars, Cereal, Ice Cream, Sherbets, Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Chocolates, Gum, Nuts, Extracts

                Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, Fort Worth, TX, 817551-5500,?www.mother-Parkers.com
                Tea, Coffee

                Nor-Cal Beverage Co., West Sacramento, CA, 800-331-2059,?www.ncbev.com
                Teas, Ades, Juices, Waters, Energy Drinks
                Hot-fill, cold/ambient fill, chilled and aseptic lines for cans, glass & plastic bottles

                O-AT-KA Milk Products Coop., Inc, Batavia, NY, 800-828-8152,?www.oatkamilk.com
                RTD Coffee, Nutritional Drinks, Protein Drinks, Milk Products, Butter, Dairy Products, Bulk Ingredients, Specialty Products, Kosher

                Orinco Coffee & Tea Ltd., Columbia, MD, 410-312-5292,?www.cafeorinco.com
                Tea, Coffee

                Pacific Northwest Co-Packing Co., Tualatin, OR, 503-427-2221,?www.pnwcopacking.com
                Bakery, Beverage, Candy, Chocolate, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables
                Dry Seasonings - Spices - Herbs - Rubs - Flavorings - Tea - Coffee - Dry mixes - Powders - Flours - Sugars - Salts - Chocolate Chips - Cocoa - Grains - Rice - Nuts - Trail Mix - Candies - Popcorn - Sprinkles - Toppings - Dried Fruit - Dried Vegetables - Many More! PNW Co-Packing is a DRY ingredient co-packer specializing in small sized packaging, ranging from 1/8 tsp (.4 grams) up to about 9 oz. Low minimums, quick turn-around times. Image printing capabilities including logo and text. Kosher, Organic, Gluten-Free capabilities. Woman Owned and Operated Company.

                Primal Essence, Oxnard, CA, 877-774-6253,?www.primalessence.com
                Flavored Cooking Oils, Super Tea Concentrate

                Portland Bottling Co., Portland Oregon, 503-231-5035,?www.portlandbottling.com
                Juices, Energy Drinks, Tea, Soda

                Plains Dairy, Amarillo, TX, 806-374-0385,?www.plainsdairy.com
                Milk, Bottled Water, Juices, Tea, Lemonade, Punch, Cottage Cheese, Dips

                Producer's Dairy Foods, Fresno, CA, 559-264-6583,?www.producersdairy.com
                Milk, Egg Nog, Buttermilk, Sour Cream, Juices

                Quality Beverage Packing, Columbus, MS, 662-329-5976,?www.qualitybeveragepacking.com
                Mixers, Sport Drinks, Juices, Sauces, Kosher, Lemonade Tea, Soda

                Q Trade Teas, Cerritos, CA, 949-766-0070,?www.qtradeteas.com
                Teas, Herbs

                ? SNA Tea Co, Louisville, CO, 303-527-1700,?www.freshtea.org

                Southeast Bottling & Beverage, Dade City, FL, 352-567-2200,?www.southeast-bottling.com
                Waters, Juices, Teas, Energy Drinks

                Tao of Tea, Portland, OR, 503-736-0198,?www.taooftea.com

                (The) Big Beverage Company, Mooresville, NC, 855-800-9013,?www.bigbeverages.com
                Water, Juices, Organic, Tea, Soda, Wine Beer

                (The) Spice Lab, Pompano Beach. FL, 954-275-4487,Ext. 108,?www. spices.com
                Seasonings, Spices, Salts, Sugars
                Low minimums, SQF certified facility, women-owned business, organic certified, in-house design team and R& D chef
                Private Label & Custom Blending

                Tropical Bottling Company, Medley, FL, 786-631-5549,?www.tropicalbottling.com
                Kombucha Teas, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Teas, Flavored Waters, Energy Drinks, Coffee Flavored Products, Nectars, Sparkling Juices, Hot Fill, Cold Fill, Multiple Mixing Technologies?

                Two Rivers Coffee, Arvada, CO, 303-424-1313,?www.tworiversco.com
                Coffee, K-Cups, Tea, Hot Chocolate,?

                Virginia Dare, Brooklyn, NY, 718-788-1776,?www.virginiadare.com
                Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Extracts

                Waco Bottling, Woodway, TX, 254-340-4679,?www.www.wacobottling.com/
                From hot filled to cold filled, we have you covered. Beverages, sauces, dry rubs, dressings, and more. Bag-n-box, portion packaging, and bottle filling from shots to 275 gallon totes.

                West Coast Co-Packer, Gervais, OR, 503-390-1425,?www.westcoastcopacker.com
                Strawberry Lemonades, or, CBD drinks, from salsas and Pasta Sauces, to Teas, Honey products, to Cocktail & Bloody Mary mixes, to Syrups, Condiments?

                Whitfield Foods, Montgomery, AL, 800-633-8970,?www.drinkpackaging.com
                Juices, Teas, Energy Shots, Waters, Syrups?