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                HomeAbout InfoCo-Packer DirectoryCommercial KitchensContact Us

                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                ?Alcoholic Beverage Development, San Luis Obispo, CA, 702-476-1021,www.usbeveragemanufacturing.com
                Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks, Kids Drinks, Soda, Lemonade

                Amplexo, Midvale, UT, 801-867-3647,?www.amplexo.com
                Energy Drinks, Teas, Soda

                Clinton's Ditch, Cicero, NY, 315-699-2695,?www.clintonsditch.com
                Waters, Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks

                (The) Drink Ink, Las Vegas, NV, 888-454-3466,?www.thedrinkink.com
                Sodas, Energy Shots

                Crater Lake Soda, Portland, OR, 503-732-3703,?www.craterlakesoda.com
                Sodas, Kosher, Gluten Free

                Li Destri Foods Inc., Fairport, NY, 201-944-1233,?www.lidestrifoods.com?
                Juice, Coffee, Tea, Soda, Wine, Alcohol, Sauces, Dips, Oil, Vinegar, Meat

                Lucerne Foods, Boise ID, 877-232-4721,?www.lucernefoods.com
                Milk, Water, Bread, Soda

                Nor-Cal Beverage Co., West Sacramento, CA, 800-331-2059,?www.ncbev.com
                Hot-fill, cold/ambient fill, chilled and aseptic lines for cans, glass & plastic bottles, Juices, Soda, Bloody Mary Mix

                Oogave, Denver, CO, 877-664-2833,?www.oogave.com

                Portland Bottling Co., Portland Oregon, 503-231-5035,?www.portlandbottling.com
                Juices, Energy Drinks, Tea, Soda, Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher, Coffee, RTD Beverages

                Quality Beverage Packing, Columbus, MS, 662-329-5976,?www.qualitybeveragepacking.com
                Mixers, Sport Drinks, Juices, Sauces, Kosher, Lemonade Tea, Soda

                St. Cousair, Newberg, OR, 503-538-2929,?www.stcousair-oregon.com?
                St. Cousair is capable of packing in glass jars and plastic containers. Our people and facility have the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture a diverse line of products:fruit preserves and jams,low sugar fruit preserves, fruit butters, fruit syrup, and, toppings, yogurt fruit base,smoothie fruit base fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks salad dressings, mustards
                BBQ sauces, canned fruit salsa, coffee syrups

                (The) Big Beverage Company, Mooresville, NC, 855-800-9013,?www.bigbeverages.com
                Water, Juices, Organic, Tea, Soda, Wine Beer

                (The) Drink Ink, Las Vegas, NV, 888-454-3466,?www.thedrinkink.com
                Energy Drinks, Energy Shots, Sodas?

                Tone Products, Melrose Park, IL, 800-536-8662,?www.toneproducts.com?
                Mixers, Energy Drinks, Sodas, Sauces

                Tropical Bottling Company, Medley, FL, 786-631-5549,?www.tropicalbottling.com
                Kombucha Teas, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Teas, Flavored Waters, Energy Drinks, Coffee Flavored Products, Nectars, Sparkling Juices, Hot Fill, Cold Fill, Multiple Mixing Technologies?