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                HomeAbout InfoCo-Packer DirectoryCommercial KitchensContact Us

                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                ?Classic Delight Inc., St Mary's OH, 419-394-7955,?www.classicdelight.com

                Duke Sandwich Co., Greenville, SC, 864-991-8895,?www. dukefoods.com/duke-sandwich-company/
                ?RTE Sandwiches

                Festive Foods, llc, Waupaca, WI, 715-258-7740,?www.festivefoodsllc.com
                Calzones, Paninis, Pizza, Strombolis

                Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, St. Cloud, MN, 605-261-1923,?www.panogold.com
                We¡¯re your best-kept secret. As an ingredient or as the finished product, we bake our best for you.
                3 strategically located bakeries
                State-of-the-art baking equipment and technology
                Fresh products delivered throughout the upper Midwest and parts of Canada
                Small- to large-scale ongoing orders for a variety of products
                Ready-to-eat deli sandwiches
                Frozen sandwiches and burgers
                Contract baking with your formula and packaging; our baking equipment

                Hearthside Food Solutions, Downers Grove, IL, 630-967-3600,?www.hearthsidefoods.com
                Cold Cuts, Energy Bars, Cookies, Sandwiches, Granola Bars, Crackers, Cereal, Snacks, Salads'

                Interstate Caterers, South Plainfield, NJ, 908-822-0500,?www.interstatecaterers.com?
                Appetizers, Frozen Entrees, Sandwiches, Meals
                Interstate Caterers, Inc. Was Formed in 1987 in Newark, NJ
                Since then we have always provided our customers with quality food at a great price. Our dedication to this mission has allowed our company to exceed the need of our customers with an enhanced and expanded product line. Due to our rapid growth, we moved to a new facility in Edison, NJ in 1990.
                In 1998 we moved to larger facility in South Plainfield, NJ, and are continually on the leading edge in culinary excellence, Interstate Caterers, strides forward as a family-owned and family-managed enterprise.
                Interstate Caterers is a wholesaler of prepared foods to the food service industry, supermarkets, vending companies, food distributors, Mobile Caterers, Convenience Stores, Prisons, Stadiums, Nursing Homes, Wholesale Clubs, and schools.

                Salt Marsh Foods, New Bedford, MA, 7740206-6615,?www.saltmarshfoods.com
                Sandwiches, Wraps, Salds, Ready to Eat Entrees

                Savoies Foods, Opelousas, LA, 337-942-7241,?www.savoiesfoods.com
                Cajun Sanswiches, etc.

                Sugar Creek Packing Co., Washington Courthouse, OH, 800-848-8205,?www.sugarcreek.com
                Bacon, Sandwiches