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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                Olive Oil
                ?American Euro Foods, Brookfield, CT, 203-740-7387,?www.ameurofoods.com?
                Olive Oils, Infused Oils, Flavored Vinegars, Balsamic Vinegar, Kosher, Organic

                ?Arista Industries Inc, Wilton, CT, 203-761-1009,?www.aristaindustries.com
                Flavored Oils, Butters, Olive Oive Oil

                ?Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oils, Sauces, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables

                Avacado Oil USA, Los Angeles, CA, 800-284-2250,?www.avacadooilusa.com
                Avacado Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Blended oil, Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil

                Bella Cucina, Atlanta, GA, 678-539-8400,?www.bellacucina.com
                Organic Honey, Syrups, Jams, Crackers, Pasta, Olive Oils, Appetizers, Gifts

                Bella Sun Luci, Chico, CA, 530-899-2661,?www.bellasunluci.com
                Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil, Tomato Snacks, Pasta Sauce, Pesto, Risotto, Olive Oil, Marinades

                Catania Spagna Corp., Ayer, MA, 800-343-5522,?www.cataniausa.com
                Oils, Organic

                Ciuti, Rancho Cucamongs, CA, 909-484-1414,?www.ciuti.com
                Olive Oil, Blended Oil, Avacado Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Non-GMO Blended Oil,?Pure Olive Oil
                Olive Pomace Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin or Refined), Corn Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Safflower Oil (High Oleic or Conventional, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil (High Oleic or Conventional), Balsamic Vinegar?

                Critelli Foods, Fairfield, CA, 707-426-3400,?www.sonomaharvestfoods.com
                Oils, Vinegars

                Fine Italian Food, Naperville, IL, 630-904-0002,?www.fineitalianfood.com
                Olive Oil, Flavored Oils, Pasta, Rice, Vinegar, Olives, Condiments, Espresso

                Li Destri Foods Inc., Fairport, NY, 201-944-1233,?www.lidestrifoods.com
                Oils, Vinegars, Sauces, Dips, Spirtis, Meats, Beverages, Organic

                Marathon Packing Corp., San Leandro, CA, 510-895-2000,www.marathompacking.com
                Oils, Condiments

                Premier Packaging Partners, Waterbury, CT, 203-437-8148,?www.ppp-foods.com
                Olive Oil, Vinegar, Dressings, Hot Sauces, Mixers, Fermented, Pickled, Jams, Honey,
                ?Maple Syrup, Pepper Relish.
                Diversified Capabilities, Experienced Staff, Food Safety certifications & 3rd party audits including quality systems, Customer service, R&D and Product development, and storage & warehouse services.

                Olivamed, Franklin, OH, 937-401-0821,?www.olivamed.net
                Organic, Kosher, Oils, Balsamic Vinegars

                Olive Oil Source, Santa Inez, CA, 805-688-1014,?www.oliveoilsource.com
                Olive Oil

                Transnational Foods, Miami, FL, 305-365-9652,?www.transnationalfoods.com
                Beverages, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Condiments, Dressings, Sauces, Oils, Jams, Soups

                United Olive Oil Co., New York, NY, 212-346-0942,?www.unitedoliveoil.com
                Olive Oil, Olives, Pasta, Vegetables, Coffee, Cheese, Spices, Cookies

                Winona Foods, Green Bay, WI, 800-313-9974,?www.winonafoods.com
                Oils, Cheeses