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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                DesignWorks, Milford, CT, 203-283-5322,?www.labeldesignworks.com?
                Label Design, Labels, Logos, Logo Design, Packaging & Printing?
                WANT TO BOOST SALES? LET US DESIGN YOUR LABEL! Label and packaging graphic designer with 30+ years of experience in the food industry. Fully versed in US FDA label and packaging regulations, Nutrition Facts, UPC procurement and working with ANY co-packer and their machinery. We easily take your design from conception through printing, and deliver your labels right to your co-packer. We can also work with your existing branding to help expand your line. Free design & printing quotes. We work with clients large and small anywhere in the USA. Check out our website www.labeldesignworks.com and give us a call 203-283-5322.?
                We'd love to discuss your project.?
                Who needs a logo? If you are selling products or services í¬ you do. Ití»s that simple.
                Your logo is a unique, and when well designed, memorable identifier that conveys your company and productí»s personality and quality to your potential customers. It is often the first exposure they have to you, so it needs to make a great first impression. A well-designed logo stands apart from the competition, is the foundation of your branding across all of your media, and maintains its relevancy for years to come.