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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                Looking For A Co-Packer ?

                We'd be happy to refer you to some which should be able to help you.
                All you need to do is to tell us what type of co-packer you're looking for.

                What criteria should be listed here? Whatever information you'd like potential co-packers to see, so they can know just what you're looking for. Examples:

                ?(A) Items you want to have co-packed
                (B) Your home state
                (C) Your website address
                (D) Contact Person
                (E) Best ways to contact you

                How to get your information to us:

                Just Email us at:?info@specialtyfoodcopacker.com?

                The cost to you? It's FREE!?

                For a look at today's "Co-Packer Wanted" page, Click?Here