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                HomeAbout InfoCo-Packer DirectoryCommercial KitchensContact Us

                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                Absolutely World Class, Abilene, TX, 325-672-3000,?www.absolutelyworldclass.com
                Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Jerky

                ?Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oils, Sauces, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables

                Blue Valley Brand, Diller, NE, 402-793-5820,?www.bluevalleybrand.com
                Steaks, Sausages, Jerkey, Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Hot Dogs, Gifts

                Country Ranch Foods, Marietta, GA, 888-653-5550,?www.countryranchfoods.com
                Jerkey, Sauces, Soups, Stews, IQF Meat, IQF Poultry

                Jerky Up, Show Low, AZ, 402-230-9296,?www.jerkyup.com?
                Katies Premium Jerky & Snacks, Hillard, OH, 614-0440-0780,?www.katiesbeefjerky.com

                Marshallville Packing Co., Marshallville, OH, 330-855-2871,?www.marshallville-meats.com
                Beef, Pork, Sausage, Jerky, Poultry, Game

                Monogram Foods, Memphis, TN, 901-685-7167,?www.monogramfoods.com
                Meat Snacks, Jerky, Smoked Sausages, Corn Dogs, Appetizers, Bacon

                Paxton Packing, Paxton, IL, 217-379-1705,?www.paxtonpacking.com
                USDA approved artisan jerky co-packer

                Siena Development Group Inc.,? New York, NY, 347-828-2324,?www.sienadev.com?
                ?Beverages, including loose teas and specialty processes. Hot fill, cold fill, UHT, and modified aseptic. Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher; We assist with development/stabilization of all of those products. For co-packing itself, we only do beverages.?

                Stafford Meat Co., Rio Linda, CA, 916-991-3021,?www.smcjerky com.
                Jerky, Hams, Bacon,

                Turasky Meats, Springfield, IL, 217-522-3345,?www.turaskymeats.com/wholesale-co-packing.html?
                We have the following capabilities: Steam Cooking, Cook-in-Bag items, Naturally Smoked products, Portion-cut meats
                Grinding (i.e. pizza sausage), Patties using Ultra Tender forming technology, Meatball production?
                Snack foods that are great for co-packing are: Snack Sticks ,Restructured Jerky and Jerky Bites
                Whole Muscle Beef Jerky, Pork, Meat Bars
                We are able to package in pouch bags with a gusseted bottom for shelf stable products.

                Western's Smokehouse & Thrushwood Farms, Greentop, MO, 262-894-2582
                Western's Smokehouse makes over 600,000 Snack Sticks, Meat Bars, Jerky, Gluten Free, No Gmo's, Pet Treats and Pouched bite packages every day?between its two plants. Our locations include a 70,000 square foot facility in Northeast Missouri and a 50,000 square foot facility in Western Illinois. Both facilities are SQF. We have dedicated R&D and product develop resources and can provide turnkey solutions to help you develop meat snacks and pet treat products to support your brand.?
                OUR SERVICES
                We provide product development and manufacturing services for the top national brands in natural, gourmet meat snacking.
                Private Label
                We help retailers develop strong meat snacking offerings through our premium, select and innovation?lines.
                Our Brands
                Our snack sticks are made with clean ingredient decks, unique flavors and premium packaging at attractive price points.
                Our business is a service and we think like a hospitality company. We strive daily provide world class service, manufacturing expertise and supply chain operations so you can delight your consumer.

                Western Meats Inc., Tummwater, WA, 360-357-6601,?www.westernmeats.net
                Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Buffalo,? Poultry, Sausage, Fish, Shellfish, Deli Meats, Cheeses, Soups, Oven Ready Meals, Soups, Seasonings

                Wyoming Gourmet Beef, Cody, WY, 307-587-9841,?www.wyominggourmetbeef.com
                Jerky, Gifts, Burgers, Franks, Steaks