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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                A.M.Braswell Jr. Food Co., Statesboro, GA, 912-764-6191,?www.braswells.com
                Dressings, Sauces, Condiments, Teas, Jams, Jellies, Honey

                Aramco Imports Inc., Commerce, CA, 323-837-0888, www.aramcoimports.com
                Many Different Oils, Olives, Rice, Pickled Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Pickles, Bread sticks, Pasta, Ready to Eat Canned Goods, Snacks, Nuts, Nuts Organic, Honey, Juices, Basil Seed Drinks, Ethnic Drinks, Ethnic Foods, Cookies, Crackers, Arabic Sweets, Arabic Candy, Chocolate, Honey, Jams.
                Aramco Imports can supply your retail business with many items in many departments with great quality product at a aggressive price.

                ?????Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oil, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables

                Bare Honey, Minneapolis, MN, 612-716-7073,?www.barehoney.com
                Honey, Syrups, Condiments, Gifts, Healthy Living
                Bare Honey has small run capabilities. We are SQF, Kosher, and Organic certified. We co-pack in glass and plastic, and we handle viscous liquids. Call or email??sales@barehoney.com?for a custom quote.

                Barkman Honey, Hillsboro, KS, 620-947-3173,?www.barkmanhoney.com
                Honey Agave Molasses

                Bee Flower and Sun Honey, Pittstown, PA, 908-735-6946,?www.beeflowerandsunhoney.com

                Bee Maid Honey, Manitoba, Canada, 888-998-2948,?www.beemaid.com
                Honey, Creamed Honey

                Burleson's Honey Inc., Waxahachie, TX, 972-937-4810,?www.burlesons-honey.com
                Honey, Honey Spread

                Cornaby's, Salem, UT, 385-223-0027,?www.cornabys.com
                Jams, Honey, Syrups, Fruit Sauces, Gifts

                Creative Co-Packing, Deland, FL, 386-337-7175,?www.creativecopacking.com
                BBQ Sauce, Drink Mixers, Dry Rub, Honey, Hot Sauce, Jelly, Key Lime Juice, Marinade, Salad Dressing, Seasonings, Syrups,?
                Wing Sauce

                Dutch Gold Honey, Lancaster, PA, 800-338-0587,?www.dutchgoldhoney.com
                Organic Honey, Maple Syrup, Gift Sets

                Food for Thought, Honor, MI, 888-935-2748,?www.foodforthought.net
                Salsas, Honey, Preserves, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Oils, Relishes, Gifts, Organic
                Pasta Sauce, Rubs, BBQ Sauce, Dessert Sauce, Jalapeno Jelly, GMO Free

                ?Golding Farms Foods, Winston-Salem, NC, 336-766-6161,?www.goldingfarms.com
                Honey, Molasses, Dressings, Mustards, Sauces, Asian Sauces, Syrups, Marinades, Seafood Sauces, Relish

                Heidens Foods, Fullerton, CA, 888-443-4336,?www.heidensfoods.com
                Soup Bases, Seasonings, Sauces, Dressings, Syrups, Honeys

                Honey Tree, Onsted, MI, 800-968-1889,?www.honeytreehoney.com
                Honey, Agave, Molasses, Organic

                Inland Packaging, La Crosse, WI, 608-788-5800,?www.inlandpackaging.com?
                Labels and Packaging for appetizers, beverages, candy, condiments, dairy products, desserts, canned fruit and vegetables, healthy living, honey & syrups, meats, oils, pet foods, sauces, seasonings, snacks, soups, beer, wine, and spirits.
                Inland is one of the largest privately-owned label and packaging printers in North America. We provide pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve, cut and stack and in-mold labels as well as flexible packaging options. Your product packaging matters. Whether you're a leading consumer brand or an up-and-coming private label, your brand needs to stand out on store shelves. Inland prides itself on building long-lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. We are never satisfied with the status quo and our ownership is committed to continued investment into the organization to drive growth. Let's Talk.

                The John Russell Honey Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, 204-612-2337,?www.honeyb.ca
                Honey, Flavored Honey

                JHS Packaging, Fort Worth TX, 817-348-0611,?www.jhspackaging.com
                Grains, Spices, Seasonings, Liquids, Condiments, Powders, Ingredients, Blended Spices, Rubs

                Kallas Honey, Fox Point, WI, 414-462-3530,?www.kallashoney.com
                ?Honey, Maple Syrup, Granola

                McLure's Honey & Maple Products, Littleton, NH, 800-846-2753,?www.dutchgoldhoney.com
                Honey, Organic, Maple Syrup, Gift Sets

                Mel-O-Honey, Cannon Falls, MN, 507-263-8599,?www.sweetharvestfoods.com
                Honey, Maple Syrup, Organic, Peanut Butter

                ?Once Again Nut Butter, Nunda, NY, 888-800-8075,?www.onceagainnutbutter.com
                Honey, Nut Butters

                Palace Foods,?

                Pulp Kitchen Juice, Northfield, VT, 203-927-8158,?www.pkjuice.com
                Condiments, Chutney, Dips, Ketchups, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Olives, Relish, Salsa, Spreads, Vinegar, Dairy, Milk, Cream, Nut Butter, Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and Healthy Living, Honeys, Syrups, Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Pasta Sauce, Pesto Sauce, Marinades Salad Dressing, Soups, Bisques, Chilis, Chowders?
                We have our own cold pressed juice company and work with all fruit and vegetable related foods. We can handle early stage R&D up to co-pack - contract manufacturing your product. We can customize your products for large or small co-packing runs. We produce a line and our partners can be assist to increase capacity your specific manufacturing requirements. Our juice company can do juice or smoothies requiring nut milk especially almond mylks as well as oats and cashews.

                Premier Foods LLC, Santa Fe Springs, CA, 562-944-9044,?www.premierfoodsllc.com
                Sauces, dressings, oils, vinegars, marinades and honey
                Our services and capabilities include: Hot and Cold Fill; Glass and Plastic containers; pH and non-pH controlled products; Nutritional Labeling and Ingredient Statements. In both our Private Label and Contract Packaging programs Premier Foods can provide clients with bottle selection as well as with label design and label printing references.
                Our certifications include: SQF, FDA, GMP, Organic, Kosher and HACCP ĘC and we offer small minimum runs. Founded in 2004 Premier Foods LLC is located in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

                Premier Packaging Partners, Waterbury, CT, 203-437-8148,www.ppp-foods.com
                Olive Oil, Vinegar, Dressings, Hot Sauces, Mixers, Fermented, Pickled, Jams, Honey,
                Maple Syrup, Pepper Relish?.
                Diversified Capabilities, Experienced Staff, Food Safety certifications & 3rd party audits including quality systems, Customer service, R&D and Product development, and storage & warehouse services.

                Seattle Gourmet Foods, Kent, WA, 425-656-9076,?www.seattlegourmetfoods.com
                Chocolates, Honey, Salsa, Candy, Soups

                Silver Bow Honey Co., Moses Lake, WA, 509-765-6616,?www.honey.com

                Smitty Bee Honey, Inc., Defiance, IL, 330-607-1130,?www.smittybeehoney.com
                Honey, Maple Syrup, Agave, Malt Syrup, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Tapioca Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup
                Smitty Bee Honey is an ethical supplier of honey, we are SQF, Kosher, NON GMO, and Organic certified. We can pack your product or supply you with honey. We can provide a variety of retail, food service, and commercial packaging options.

                The Olive Oil Factory, LLC, Fairfield, CA, 707-426-3400,?www.theoofactory.com
                Oils, Flavored Oils, Coconut Oil, Sauces, Condiments, Fruit Vinegars, Vinegars, Honeys, Syrups
                State of the art packaging equipment, Small Minimums, Large volume capabilities, Organic Certified, Kosher Certified, 3rd party Silliker Audited, Conveniently located off Interstate 80?

                U A Global Inc., Delray Beach, FL, 201-637-1594,?www.uaglobalinc.com
                Honey, Organic, Kosher

                West Coast Co-Packer, Gervais, OR, 503-390-1425,?www.westcoastcopacker.com
                Strawberry Lemonades, or, CBD drinks, from salsas and Pasta Sauces, to Teas, Honey products, to Cocktail & Bloody Mary mixes, to Syrups, Condiments?

                Z Specialty Food, Woodland, CA, 800-678-1226,?www.zspecialtyfood.com
                Honey, Nut Butters, Vegetable Spreads, Pasta Sauce, Syrup, Nuts, Jelly, Kosher, Organic?