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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory


                ?Amitra Global Group, Bridgeport, CT, 914-646-1160,?www.AmitraGlobalGroup.com,
                ?Bakery, Bars, Cookies, Granola, Dry Mix, Brownies, Gluten free,
                ?peanut free, Non GMO, Powder Filling, Vegan, Snacks
                We cater to those who are past concept and ready to scale up and need someone to manage their production so they can focus on sales and marketing. We are digitally savvy and understand the needs of a CPG brand.?

                ?Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oils, Sauces, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables?

                Big Boss Baking Co., High Point, NC, 336-861-1212,?www.bigbossbaking.com
                Granola, Cereal

                Crafted Co-Packing, York, PA, 717-814-9648,?www.craftedcopacking.com

                D K Pastry, Cherry Hill, NJ, 856-675-3050,?www.
                Cookies, Croissants, Danish, Snack Bars, Granila, Crackers, Butters, Biscotti\
                Two facilities, one is Kosher, top 8 allergen free, non GMO and GFCO one is conventional HACCP certified, GFCI audited, FSMA certified

                Duke Foods, Greenville, SC, 864-991-8895,?www.dukefoods.com
                Salads, Spreads, Dips, Sauces, Dressings, Appetizers, Salsa, Frozen Desserts, Granola, Snacks

                GKI Foods., Brighton, MI, 248-486-0055,?www.gkifoods.com
                Chocolate Coated Nuts, Nuts, Granola, Snacks

                Golden Grains Baking Inc., Charlotte, NC, 704-525-6789,?www.goldengrainsbaking.com
                Breads: Buns, Hoagies, Long Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Kaiser Rolls, Butter Croissants, Foccaccia, Sliced Bread, Cheese Straws, Breakfast Breads, Muffins, Energy Bars, Baked & Raw, Energy Bites, Granola, Loose & Clusters
                Golden Grains Bakery specializes in producing a wide variety of freshly baked goods for respected restaurants and grocers located throughout the Southeast. From breads and rolls, to pastries, cheese straws and other fine foods, our products are made from scratch with premium ingredients ensuring taste, quality and a consistently beautiful product is produced every time. In our new, third party, NCDA and USDA-inspected production facility, our baked goods are crafted as if each was made by hand by a team that is committed to meeting the varying needs of our clients and the discriminating tastes of their ultimate consumers.?
                **Golden Grains Bakery offers Co packing services for a wide variety of products that are either baked or raw using a Vemag Robot 500. We can also produce batter type bakery items like small cakes with no icing or decoration involved special bakery cookies or filled sandwich cookies. We can also produce some dry mixes/packaging. We are also capable of producing food products with CBD oil. We also offer full service fulfillment and process orders through your Shopify account. We can fulfill Amazon warehouse orders.?

                Granola Co-Packer, High Point, N.C., 336-861-1212,?www.granolacopacker.com
                Granola, Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher

                Hearthside Food Solutions, Downers Grove, IL, 630-967-3600,?www.hearthsidefoods.com
                Bars, Cookies, Brownies, Cereal, Coffee, Granola, Muesli, Organic, Popcorn, Rice, Pasta, Pretzels, Pet Food, Snacks, Sweeteners, Seasonings, Spices; Packaging formats include: including: Bag-in-Box, Single-Serve Cups, Rigid Canisters, Side-Seal Pouches, Single-Serve Packets, Stand-Up Pouches, Stick Packs, and more¡­

                Kallas Honey, Fox Point, WI, 414-462-3530,?www.kallashoney.com
                ?Honey, Maple Syrup, Granola

                Kitchen Town, San Mateo, CA, 650-458-8080,?www.kitchentowncentral.com
                Salsa, Sauces, Granola, Pies?

                Libre Naturals, Inc., Duncan, BC, Canada, 866-714-5411,?www.librenaturals.com
                Granola, Granola Bars

                Olympia Granola, North Branch, MN, 651-295-3344,?www.olympiagranola.com
                Granola Bars, Snacks, Gluten Free, No GMO's

                Organic Milling, San Dimas, CA, 800-638-8686,?www.organicmilling.com

                PacMoore Products, Inc., Hammond, IN, 866-610-2666,?www.pacmoore.com
                Bakery - Dry Mixes, Beverages - Mixers, Dairy Products - Other Desserts - Mixes - Grains - Cereals - Flours - Grains, Granola, Pastas, Rice, Healthy Living - Gluten Free, Kosher, No-GMOs, Organic, Powder Filling, Sport Nutrition Snacks - Other Snacks, Soups - Soup Mixes

                Sunny Crunch Foods, Markham, Ontario, Canada,905-475-0422,?www.sunnycrunch.com
                Cereals, Nutrition Bars, Sports Bars, Granola

                World Finer Foods, Bloomfield, NJ, 973-338-0300,?www.worldfiner.com
                Anchovies, Artichokes, Asian Sauces, Canned Vegetables, Malt Vinegar, Marinades, Ketchups, Mexican Sauces, Organic Pasta, Oysters, Pesto Sauces, Raviolis, Salad Dressings, Snacks, Specialty Vegetables, Steak Sauce, Granola, Thai Spices, Whole Grain Mustard, Whole wheat Pasta, Wine Vinegar, Gluten Free, Kosher, NoGMOs
                Vegan, Chocolate Bars