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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                California Commercial Kitchens
                Pro-Culinary Commercial Kitchen,?Fresno, CA,?www.pro-culinary.com?
                Commercial kitchens Copackers Food processing Licensing Small batch processing Sauces
                We help you get your food products launched
                We work with Fresno area food entreprenuers to help them expand their busineses sales throughout farmers markets and grocery stores in California.
                Located in the Fresno, the central valley of California, we are licensed manufacturers.
                Do you need state or federal manufacturing licences? We help you with that process too!

                APC Commercial Kitchen, Alameda, CA, 510-898-7800, no website

                ABK Commercial Baking Incubator, Chatsworth, CA, 323-243-0687,?www.rodeokingofalameda.com

                Amy's Kitchen Rental, San Jose, CA, 408-836-6547, No Website

                Artisan Kitchen, Richmond, CA, 510-860-0910,?www.artisankitchenandcafe.com

                Back to the Table Cooking School, Lafayette, CA, 925-980-5353,?www.backtothetablecookingschool.com

                Banyan Tree, Culver City, CA, 323-491-3431, no website

                Bay Area Kitchen Rental, Fremont, CA, 510-329-0277,?www.bayareakitchenrental.com

                Certified Kitchens Gluten Free, Berkeley, CA, 855-685-2665,?www.visitcertifiedkitchens.com

                Charlie's Classic Cooking, Escondido, CA, 858-442-5252,?www.charliesclassiccooking.com

                Chef's Kitchens, Los Angeles, CA, 310-837-8900,?www.chefskitchens.com

                Commercial Baking Kitchen, Menlo Park, CA, 650-575-5700, no website

                Commercial Kitchen Business Broker, Rocklin, CA, 916-300-3443, no website

                Commercial Kitchen Timeshare, Ventura, CA, 805-797-5292, no website

                Cooking Block, Redlands, CA, 909-878-6140,?www.cookingblock.com

                Culiflex Kitchens, Orange, CA, 714-663-7033, no website

                Culinary Innovation, Lake Forest, CA, 949-933-4734,?www.culinary-innovation.com

                East End Kitchens, Santa Ana, CA, 714-486-0700,?www.4thstreetmarket.com

                Eclectic Cookery, San Francisco, CA, 415-822-8788,?www.eclecticcookery.com

                El Pajaro CDC, Watsonville, CA, 831-722-1224,?www.elpajaroced.org

                Essence of Food, Oceanside, CA, 760-450-0097, no website

                Foodworks Culinary Center, Arcata, CA, 707-825-2112, no website

                Foothill Kitchens, Upland, CA, 909-982-8877,?www.foothillkitchens.com

                Gourmet Caterers, Santa Ana, CA, 949-246-2071,?www.gourmetcaterers.com

                Kitchen by the Hour, LLC, Hayward, CA, 510-764-1287,?www.kitchenbythehour.com

                Kitchen Kravings, Corona, CA, 951-880-4810, no website

                Miramar Road Kitchen, San Diego, CA, 858-271-0045, no website

                Mr. C's Kitchen Rentals #1, Campbell, CA, 805-461-3614,?www.mrcscatering.com

                Mrs. C's Kitchen Rentals #2, Santa Clara, CA, 408-946-2440,?www.mrscscatering.com?

                Nuovoterra Products Commercial Kitchen, Fallbrook, CA, 949-939-1765, no website

                Peninsula Kitchen Rental, Redwood City, CA, 650-823-8582,?www.peninsulacommercialkitchenrental.com

                Pro-Culinary Commercial Kitchen, Fresno, CA,?www.pro-culinary.com?

                Sae Kitchen Rental, Vista, CA, 619-851-2904,?www.saekitchen.com

                Shared Kitchen Rentals of San Diego, San Diego, CA, 858-935-9924,?www.sharedkitchenrentals.com

                The Hood Kitchen Space, Costa Mesa, CA, 949-533-8611,?www.thehoodkitchen.com

                The Kitchen Elves, Encinatas, CA, 760-943-8207, no website

                The Kitchen Station, LLC #2, Chino, CA, 562-587-4258,?www.thekitchenstation.com

                The Kitchen Station #3, Temecula, CA, 562-587-4258,?www.thekitchenstation.com

                Turn-key Commercial Kitchen, El Kajon, CA, 619-442-9200, no website

                Uptown Kitchen, LLC, Oakland, CA, 510-499-7031, no website