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                HomeAbout InfoCo-Packer DirectoryCommercial KitchensContact Us

                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                Almondia Enterprises, Maumee, OH, 419-893-8777,?www.almondia.com

                Amitra Global Group, Bridgeport, CT, 914-646-1160,?www.AmitraGlobalGroup.com?
                ?Bakery,?Bars,?Cookies, Granola, Dry Mix, Brownies, Gluten free
                ?peanut free, Non GMO, Powder filling, Vegan, Snacks
                We cater to those who are past concept and ready to scale up and need someone to manage their production so they can focus on sales and marketing. We are digitally savvy and understand the needs of a CPG brand.?

                Assemblers Inc., Chicago, IL, 847-969-5280,?www.assemblers.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Candy, Chocolate, Condiments, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Honey & Syrups, Meats, Oil, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables

                Aunt Gussies, Garfield, NJ, 800-422-6654,?www.auntgussies.com
                Cookies, Crackers, Gluten Free

                Axiom Foods,LosAngeles, CA, 800-711-3587,?www.axiomfoods.com
                Sugars & Syrups, Starches, Dairy Alternatives, Protein Solutions, Beverages, Meat Extender, Baking Solutions, Axiom Foods, the Food Technologists Creating Functional Plant Proteins to meet Exploding Supply Needs, Signs Multiple International Distribution Deals?

                ?Bake'n Joy Foods Inc, North Andover, MA, 800-666-4937,?www.bakenjoyfoods.com
                Dry Mixes, Frozen & Ready to Bake

                Bakewise Brands, Macedon, NY, 315-986-9999,?www.bakewisebrands.com
                Frozen Bread, Rolls, Bagels

                Bake Works Inc., Vancouver, WA, 360-213-2001,?www.bakeworksinc.com
                Contract Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Wholesale Natural Snacks, Cookies, Energy Bars, Private Label Food Manufacturer, Energy Bar Manufacturer, Private Label, Bakery, Cookies, Gluten Free, Brownies, Organic, Kosher, Non GMO, SQF Level 2 Certified

                Barbara's Bakery, Marlboro, MA, 800-343-0590,?www.barbaras.com
                Snacks, Cereals

                Bellows House Bakery, North Walpole, NH, 800-358-6302.?www.bellowshouse.com
                Cookies, Brownies, Baked Desserts

                Better 4 U Foods LLC, Delray Beach, FL, 561-314-9642,?www.better4ufoods.com
                Pizza Crusts, Organic, Gluten Free

                Better Baker, Pliladelphia, PA, 888-238-8377,?www.betterbaker.com
                Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Cupcakes
                Our Capabilities:
                We conduct research, prototype and fully outsourced baking. We can customize and brand your products while handling all aspects of production from mixing to final delivery. We currently own and operate two state of the art ovens that can meet most baking needs. Our packaging and assembly process can be tailored to meet your specific branding requirements. To further meet the demands of our customers GMG Bakery has become Dairy Kosher.

                Brooklyn Cannoli Co., South Amboy, NJ, 732-505-2201,?www.brooklyncannoli.com
                Cannoli, Cheesecakes, Cakes, Pies

                BumbleBar, Spokane Valley, WA, 509-924-2080, Ext.10,?www.bumblebar.com
                Cookies, Bars, Snacks, Bakery Vegan, Non GMO, Variety Packs, Juno Bars, with over 20 years experience in the Gluten Free, Organic food business, Bumble Bar can address a wide range of co-packing needs. Bumble Bar has the efficiency and dependability of a large corporation with the one-on-one service and flexibility of a small company. Bumble Bar would like to partner with you!

                GFI Gourmet Foods Inc., Burns Inc., 615-441-3370,?www.gfibakery.com
                Cakes, Cookies, High Volume

                Carolina Foods, Charlotte North Carolina, 704-333-9812,?www.carolinafoodsinc.com
                Pastries, Pies, Donuts

                Chef John Folse & Company, Gonzoles, LA, 225-644-6000,?www.jfolse.com
                Breads, Rolls, Cakes, Brownies

                Chicago Flow Wrap Inc., Chicago IL, 312-300-9827,?www.chicagoflowwrap.com?
                Energy Bars, Nutrition Bars, Brownies, Cookies, Biscuits, Donuts, Bakery Items
                We contract package using flow wrap packaging machines for food items such as energy or nutrition bars. We can handle very small to medium size orders or can help small business scale a new product launch into a larger market place.

                Cookies United, Islip, NY, 631-581-4000,?www.cookiesunited.com
                Cookies, Licensed, Holiday?

                Custom Foods Inc., Desoto, KS, 913-585-1900,?www.customfoodsinc.com
                Rolls, Breads, Cookies, Pizza Balls

                D K Pastry, Cherry Hill, NJ, 856-675-3050,?www.
                Cookies, Croissants, Danish, Snack Bars, Granila, Crackers, Butters, Biscotti\
                Two facilities, one is Kosher, top 8 allergen free, non GMO and GFCO one is conventional HACCP certified, GFCI audited, FSMA certified?

                Dairy State Foods, Milwaukee, WI, 414-228-1240,?www.dairystatefoods.com
                Cookies, Crackers

                Dessert Innovations, Atlanta, GA, 404-691-5000,?www.dessertinnovations.com
                Desserts, Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakes, Muffins

                Dixie USA Inc., Tomball Texas, 800-233-3668,?www.dixiediner.com
                Cookies, Cereals, Trail Mix, Energy Bars

                Dough to Go Inc., Santa Clara, CA, 800-220-2339,?www.dough-to-go.com
                Cookies, Brownies, Cookie Dough

                Eilenberger's Bakery, Palestine, TX, 903-729-2176,?www.eilenbergersbakery.com
                Fruitcakes, Baked Gifts, Gourmet Coffees, Cookies, Brownies, Chocolates

                Emmy's Organics, Ithaca, NY, 607-319-5113vext. 700,?www.emmysorganics.com
                Cookies, Bars, Dry Mixes, Snacks, Bites
                Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Nin-GMO, GMP Certified, Costco Approved Facility

                Fettings, Finley, SD, 800-527-4349,?www.fettings.com
                Frozen Dough Products

                Flathau's Fine Foods, Hattiesburg, MS, 601-268-7698,?www.flathausfinefoods.com

                Foodies Urban Kitchen, Los Angeles CA, 310-433-6602,?www.foodiesurbankitchen.com
                Bakery, Beverages, Condiments, Dairy, Grains, Healthy Living, Meats, Oils, Sauces, Vegetables
                Foodies Urban Kitchen is a Los Angeles based co-packing facility that is on a mission to facilitate the growth of the specialty food trade in the local market. We specialize in the small scale artisanal brand that is looking to scale up. There is no recipe too complex for us. We have experience with raw food, dehydrated food, vegan, paleo, keto, fermented, gluten-free, you name it we have made it. From alternative proteins to functional foods to waste reduction; we work with companies that are tackling challenges and creating solutions that change the way we think about food.?

                Foxtail Foods, Fairfield, OH, 800-487-2253,?www.foxtailfoods.com
                Pies, Brownies, Dry Mixes, Muffin Batter, Kosher, No Sugar Added, Pancake Mix, Syrups

                GFI Bakery, Burns, TN, 615-441-3370,?www.gfibakery.com
                Cakes, Cookies, High Volume, Kosher

                Gagne Foods, Bath, ME, 207-386-5071,?www.gagnefoods.com
                Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Buns, Pies

                Gluten Free Co-Pak.com, Barrie, Ontario, 705-797-8920,?www.glutenfreeco-pak.com
                Gluten Free Snacks, Dessert Items

                (The) Graceful Cookie, Vallejo, CA, 650-200-7990,?www.TheGracefulCookie.com
                The Graceful Cookie co-packs foodservice cookie dough. We service retail markets, bakeries, restaurant and food service groups, seeking a signature cookie dough programs. Bulk packed cookie dough in 20 lbs case, minimum is 2 pallets, 2,900 lbs. Recipe development services $2,500 per sku or choose from our extensive catalogue. We offer retail product recipe R&D development and scale up production. Note, we only have clear flow wrap, no printed film.?

                Golden Glow Cookie Co., Bronx, NY, 718-379-6223,?www.thecookiefactory.com

                ?Golden Grains Baking Inc., Charlotte, NC, 704-525-6789,?www.goldengrainsbaking.com
                Breads: Buns, Hoagies, Long Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Kaiser Rolls, Butter Croissants, Focaccia, Sliced Bread, Cheese Straws, Breakfast Breads, Muffins, Energy Bars Baked & Raw, Energy Bites, Granola, Loose & Clusters
                Golden Grains Bakery specializes in producing a wide variety of freshly baked goods for respected restaurants and grocers located throughout the Southeast. From breads and rolls, to pastries, cheese straws and other fine foods, our products are made from scratch with premium ingredients ensuring taste, quality and a consistently beautiful product is produced every time. In our new, third party, NCDA and USDA-inspected production facility, our baked goods are crafted as if each was made by hand by a team that is committed to meeting the varying needs of our clients and the discriminating tastes of their ultimate consumers.?
                **Golden Grains Bakery offers Co packing services for a wide variety of products that are either baked or raw using a Vemag Robot 500. We can also produce batter type bakery items like small cakes with no icing or decoration involved special bakery cookies or filled sandwich cookies. We can also produce some dry mixes/packaging. We are also capable of producing food products with CBD oil. We also offer full service fulfillment and process orders through your Shopify account. We can fulfill Amazon warehouse orders.?

                (The) Greater Knead, Bensalem, PA, 267-522-8523,?www.thegreaterknead.com
                Gluten-free and Top Common Allergen-free (Top 8 Free, no wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish and shellfish). Breads & Bagels (frozen capabilities), Baked Goods (cookies, cookie dough, brownies, and other snacks using similar machinery).
                Dedicated Gluten-free and Top Common Allergen-free Facility SQF Level II certified Kosher Parve certified Women Owned?

                Grecian Delight Foods, Elk Grove Village, IL, 847-364-1198,?www.greciandelight.com
                Greek Yogurt, Flatbreads, Humus Spreads, Lavash, Flatbreads, Pita Bread, Italian Beef, Naan, Pita

                Gumpert's, Mississauga, ON, L5A4A9, 905-279-2600,?www.gumpert.com
                Bakery, Desserts, Sauces

                IAM International, Lebanon, NJ, 908-713-9651,?www.iaminternationalinc.com
                Sauces, Salsas, Condiments, Cookies

                Hearthside Food Solutions, Downers Grove, IL, 630-967-3600,?www.hearthsidefoods.com
                Bars, Cookies, Snacks, Cereals

                Hudson Valley Co-Packing (Nilda's Desserts), Poughkeepsie, NY, 845-454-5876,www.hudsonvalley-copacking.com
                Cookies, Muffins, Crackers, Cakes, All types of Baked Goods

                Immaculate Baking Co., Wakefield, MA, 800-243-6419,?www.immaculatebaking.com
                Cookies, Breads, Rolls, Dry Mixes

                Inter-American Products, Cincinnati, OH, 800-645-2233,?www.interamericanproducts.com
                Cookies, Snacks, Rolls, Dips, Cheese, Ice Cream, Beverages, Coffee, Cereal

                Jane's Dough Foods, Columbus, OH, 614-416-7700,?wwwjanesdoughfoods.com
                Gluten Free, Organic, Pizza Dough

                (The) Kitchen Coop, Broomfield, CO, 844-234-4235,?intake@the-kitchen-coop.com
                Cookies, Muffins,Scones, Brownies, Condiments, Chutneys, Dips, Spreads, Healthy Living, Gluten Free, Frozen?Entrees, RTE Snacks, Bars, Crackers, Soups
                The Kitchen Coop specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative packaged food products to help brands small and large transform concepts into products. The Kitchen Coop has successfully launched products into all the major including Whole Foods, Walmart and Target in the US and others internationally. The Kitchen Coop is a full service contract manufacturer performing Recipe Development & Process Engineering through Sourcing & Manufacturing . The Kitchen Coop has expertise developing and manufacturing Keto, Paleo, Organic, Kosher, Non GMO, High Protein, Gluten Free, and functional foods. Our Colorado based facility has capabilities in flow wrap, stand-up pouch, tray seal, and glass and plastic Jar packaging.?

                Legacy Bakehouse, Waukesha, WI, 262-547-2047,?www.legacybakehouse.com

                ?***** Local Oven, Farmers Branch (Dallas), TX, 972-250-1818,?www.localoven.com?*****
                Gluten Free Breads and Sweets - Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Deluxe Onion Rolls, Hoagie Rolls, Sliced Breads, Tortillas, Wraps, Bagels, Baguettes, Pita Bread, Flat Breads, Dinner Rolls, Bread Crumbs, Croutons, Pizza Dough Balls, Pizza Crusts, Flour, Biscotti, Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicker Doodle Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and more.
                We are located in Farmers Branch (DALLAS), Texas. We are a DEDICATED and CERTIFIED Gluten Free manufacturing plant. Our facility is 30,000 Square Feet with the capacity to manufacture for Private Label or Co - Packing. We manufacture Gluten Free and Paleo products. We are centrally located - with easy shipping lanes coast to coast. We have the following certifications: Certified Gluten Free, Certified SQF 2, Certified FDA, Certified Kosher / Pareve

                Lone Star Bakery, San Antonio, TX, 800-324-7279,?www.lonestarbakery.com
                Cakes, Pies, Brownies, Biscuits, HorsD'Oeuvres

                Longo's Bakery, Tamaqua, PA, 800-810-8340,?www.longosbakery.com
                Par-Baked Pizza Shells, Par Baked Pizza Crust, Fully Baked Pizzas, Pizza Sauce, Pizza Kits

                Mainline Foods LLC, Marietta, GA, 404-465-1100,?www.mainlinefoods.com
                Bakery - Bagel, Bread, Pastry, Cookies Deli Salad Soups Sauces Frozen Prepared RTE Food
                SQF Level 2 USDA Certified FDA Certified KOSHER Mid-Size Manufacturing Artisan Customization

                Market Square Foods, Park City, IL, 847-599-6070,?www.marketsquarefood.com

                Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe Inc., Chambersburg, PA, 800-548-1200,?www.potatorolls.com
                Breads, Rolls

                Michel's Bakery, Pliladelphia, PA, 215-742-3900,?www.michelsbakery.com
                Pies, Cakes, Breakfast Pastries, Muffins, Brownies

                Midvale Paper Box Co. Inc, Wilkes Barre, PA, 610-649-6992,?www.midvalebox.com
                Packaging /Packing Suppliers (Bakery, Desserts, Grains, HealthyLiving, Meats)?
                Midvale Folding Paper Box. Fully integrated converter of paperboard cartons. Print, window glue capabilities. Customer choice of paperboard SBS, Clay Kraft, Clay News and Bending Chip available. Freezer applications, moisture barrier applications, or ovenable applications. Quick turn around.

                Minuet Cookies, Buffolo Grove, IL, 847-541-7244,?www.minuetcookies.com
                Cakes, Cookies, Crackers

                ?Montana Cookie Company, Bozeman, MT, 406-579-4186,?www.montanacookiecompany.com
                Specializing in Gluten Free Cookies and Snacks

                ?Namar, Paramount, CA, 562-531-2744,?www.namar.com
                Custom Dry Blends in Bakery, Beverage, Seasonings, Sport Nutrition, Superfoods and small particulates packed in a variety of options: from stick packs to stand up pouches, pillow packs, jars and large bulk pack.
                Over 59 years, Namar Foods has earned the reputation as The Best West Coast Custom Dry Ingredient blend and pack resource for Organic & Non-GMO as well as conventional products.?

                Nana's Cookie Co., San Diego, CA, 800-836-7534,?www.nanascookiecompany.com
                Gluten Free Cookies, Kosher, Dairy Free,?

                Nilda's Desserts, Poughkeepsie, NY, 845-454-5876,?www.nildas.com

                Nikolas Foods, Bloomington, MN, 888-645-6527,?www.nikolasbakery.com
                Muffins, Coffee Cakes, Sweet Breads, Pound Cakes,?Our products are manufactured in numerous sizes and available individually wrapped or in bulk. We also provide private label opportunities and seasonal manufacturing.
                We are Micor-Manufactures. We craft and produce from concept to full scale manufacturing. We use artistry, experience, and technique to provide scale-up capabilities. We offer product development solutions and satisfy long-term manufacturing needs by using our manufacturing expertise. We take you from where you are to where you want to be.

                Olivia's Croutons, New Haven, VT, 888-425-3080,?www.oliviascroutons.com

                Orlando Baking Co., Cleveland, OH, 21361-1872,?www.orlandobaking.com
                Fresh and frozen hearth baked breads, rolls, and specialty items; Italian, French, rye, and wheat breads; an extensive variety of subs, hoagies, kaisers, and hamburger buns; Dinner Rolls, Pretzel Breads

                PacMoore Products, Inc., Hammond, IN, 866-610-2666,?www.pacmoore.com
                Bakery - Dry Mixes, Beverages - Mixers, Dairy Products - Other Desserts - Mixes - Grains - Cereals - Flours - Grains, Granola, Pastas, Rice, Healthy Living - Gluten Free, Kosher, No-GMOs, Organic, Powder Filling, Sport Nutrition Snacks - Other Snacks, Soups - Soup Mixes

                Pacific Northwest Co-Packing Co., Tualatin, OR, 503-427-2221,?www.pnwcopacking.com
                Bakery, Beverage, Candy, Chocolate, Desserts, Fruit, Gifts, Grains, Healthy Living, Seasonings, Snacks, Vegetables
                Dry Seasonings - Spices - Herbs - Rubs - Flavorings - Tea - Coffee - Dry mixes - Powders - Flours - Sugars - Salts - Chocolate Chips - Cocoa - Grains - Rice - Nuts - Trail Mix - Candies - Popcorn - Sprinkles - Toppings - Dried Fruit - Dried Vegetables - Many More! PNW Co-Packing is a DRY ingredient co-packer specializing in small sized packaging, ranging from 1/8 tsp (.4 grams) up to about 9 oz. Low minimums, quick turn-around times. Image printing capabilities including logo and text. Kosher, Organic, Gluten-Free capabilities. Woman Owned and Operated Company.?

                Pan-O-Gold Baking, Fargo, ND, 800-444-7005,?www.panogold.com
                Breads, Bagels, Muffins, Donuts, Rolls

                Pearl River Pastry & Chocolates, Pearl River, NY, 845-735-5100,?www.prpastry.com
                Cakes, Cookies

                Pellegrino Foods, Warren, PA, 814-723-3402,?www.pellegrinofoods.com
                Sauces, Frozen Entrees

                Pure's Food Specialties, Broadview, IL, 708-344-8884,?www.puresfood.com

                Ricardo Food Group, New York, NY, 212-461-2163,?www.ricardofoodgroup.com
                Ricardo Food Group is a sourcing company for all your Co Packing & Private Label needs. We have formed alliances with 324 US base food, beverage & bakery manufacturing facilities. Ricardo Food Group is an advisory firm made up of Manufacturing & Production Expert Consultants in the food, bakery and beverage industry. Serving as consultants to businesses regarding partnerships, investors, mergers, performance base equity and acquisitions, leveraged and management buyouts, debt restructuring, capital firm investments, entrepreneur¡¯s investment, & commercial bank investments.?
                Please connect with me on LinkedIn Ricardo Cordero.

                Salem Baking Co., Winston Salem, NC, 800-274-2994,?www.salembaking.com
                Cookies, Crackers, Gifts

                Schmidt Baking, Baltimore, MD, 410-558-3025,?www.schmidtbaking.com
                Breads, Rolls

                Seattle Gourmet Foods, Kent, WA, 425-656-9076,?www.seattlegourmetfoods.com
                Cookies, Candy, Salsa, Honey

                St. Armands Baking Co., Bradenton, FL, 941-753-7494,?www.starbake.com
                Deli Breads, Artisan Breads, Rolls

                Sturdiwheat, Red Wing, MN, 800-201-9650,?www.sturdiwheat.com
                Dry Baking Mixes

                Sugar Bowl Bakery, Hayward, CA, 515-824-3592,?www.sugarbowlbakery.com

                Sweetery, Anderson, SC, 800-752-1188,?www.thesweetery

                Taylor Gleason Enterprises, Coeur D Alene, ID, 208-639-9310,?www.taylorgleason.com
                Bakery, Healthy Living, Packaging, Packing,Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Sports Nutrition, Dessert Mixes, Flours, Seasonings, Blended Spices, Rubs, Spices, Soup Mixes
                Taylor Gleason Enterprises is an SQF Certified dedicated gluten and Top 8 allergen-free dry blending and packaging facility. We can handle all your blending needs from powders to flakes, granules and more. We can also package dry peas, beans, rice, etc. Our strict quality control procedures ensure consistency and quality every time. Our turnaround time and minimums are some of the lowest in the industry and customization is our specialty. Our product categories include baking ingredients, baking mixes, rice and rice blends, pasta, breading and coating, spice rubs and more. Packaging capabilities include bag in box, flexible pouches, single serve cups, club packs, tins, and canisters. Certifications available: Gluten Free, Whole Grain Stamp, USDA Organic and Kosher. Contact us today for more information.

                Tennessee Cheesecake Inc., Mount Juliet, TN, 866-205-9450,?www.tennesseecheesecake.com
                Cheesecakes, Pies, Cakes, Brownies

                TF Processors, Elk Grove Village, IL, 847-709-2600,?www.tfprocessors.com
                Muffins, Brownies, Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Bars

                Terrace Bagels, Freehold, NJ, 732-761-2288,?www.terracebagels.com
                Bakery, Bagels, Part-baked Bagels
                Established in 1991 in Brooklyn, NY, Terrace Bagels has always been in the discussion as one of the best bagels in the New York state. We now specialize in wholesale Part-baked bagels in the New York and New Jersey areas. Let us supply your bagel store, deli, cafe, or diner with Freshly baked New York Bagels for your customers, without the expensive time and labor! We can match your specifications to create the perfect line of bagels to help you build sales and to compete with your best local bagel stores!?

                The Kitchen Coop, Broomfield, CO, 303-330-0297,?www.the-kitchen-coop.com
                Bakery, Snack Foods, Healthy Foods, Gluten Free, Butters

                U.S. Waffle Company, Greenville, SC, 864-546-4454,?www.uswaffle.com
                Waffles, Pancakes, Gluten Free, Organic

                Uncle Wally's, Shirley, NY, 631-205-0455,?www.unclewallys.com
                Let Uncle Wally¡¯s create, develop and co-pack any muffin for your business needs. We can match your specifications to create the perfect line up of muffins, to help you build sales!
                While always maintaining proprietary agreements, our experience in baking for private label and co-packing partners allows us to provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance regarding all aspects of the muffin category. Our sales and marketing team keeps abreast of the trends in the marketplace and understands the needs and wants of the consumer. Our R&D team has extensive knowledge in all facets of product development and prides itself on quick turnaround to support ¡°speed-to-market¡± opportunities. In short, we take pride in our flexibility to develop a customized muffin program for you!

                United States Bakery, Seattle, WA, 206-726-7518,?www.franzbakery.com
                Multiple bakeries in different states to serve the country.
                Bread, Buns, Rolls, Donuts, Danish, Bagels, English Muffins, Cookies, Sourdough, French Breads and Rolls, Cakes, Brownies, Cupcakes, Pretzel Products ¨C many in ¡®Natural¡¯ , Organic and Gluten Free

                Valley Lavosh, Fresno, CA, 800-480-2704,?www.valleylavosh.com

                Vermont Kale Chips, Morrisville, VT, 917-331-9476,?www.vermontkalechips.com
                Bakery, Chocolates, Appetizers
                We have our own dehydrated kale/vegetable/baked goods/snacks company along with cold pressed juices working with all fruits, vegetable, desserts related foods. We can handle early stage R&D up to copack - contract manufacturing your product and order fulfillment. We can customize your products for large or small co-packing runs. We produce some lines and our partners can assist to increase capacity for your specific manufacturing requirements. Our vegetable side can do vegetables, jams, chocolates and baked goods while our juice side can do juice, smoothies, or nut milk especially almond mylks as well as oats and cashews.?

                ??Wixon Inc., St. Francis, Inc., 414-578-3000,?www.wixon.com?
                Nutritional Powders, Beverage and Baking Mixes, Seasonings and Rubs Partner with Wixon on a vertically integrated approach to support your specialty foods packaging needs.?
                From market insights to culinary and R&D development expertise through to customized packaging support, discover your brand's path to great taste with Wixon.
                Take advantage of Wixon¡¯s vertical integration that allows us to be your full-service provider of specialty products. We start by partnering with you to provide market insight, culinary support and development expertise from our team of technical food scientists. Your product is then given the customized packaging solution it requires to meet your customer expectations and product goals. Our specialty food customers become longtime partners who rely on the comprehensive support Wixon provides.

                Yahoo Baking Co., Sherman, TX, 888-869-2466,?www.yahoocake.com
                Pies, Tarts, Cakes, Tarts, Snacks, Candy

                Zetlian Bakery, Pico Rivera, CA, 562-949-5151,?www.zetlianbakery.com
                Breadsticks, Calzones, Cookies

                Local Oven, Farmers Branch (DALLAS), TX, 972-250-1818
                Gluten Free Breads and Sweets - Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Deluxe Onion Rolls, Hoagie Rolls, Sliced Breads, Tortillas, Wraps, Bagels, Baguettes, Pita Bread, Flat Breads, Dinner Rolls, Bread Crumbs, Croutons, Pizza Dough Balls, Pizza Crusts, Flour, Biscotti, Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicker Doodle Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and more.
                ?We are located in Farmers Branch (Dallas), TEXAS. We are a DEDICATED and CERTIFIED Gluten Free manufacturing plant. Our 30,000 Square Foot plant has the capacity to manufacture for Private Label, White Label or Co-Packing. We manufacture Gluten Free, Paleo and Keto products. If your product can be mixed, deposited, baked and packaged -- we want to speak with you. We are centrally located - with easy shipping lanes coast to coast. We have the following certifications: Certified and Dedicated Gluten Free, Certified SQF, Certified FDA, Certified Kosher / Pareve - OU, Kof K, and DK. Let us earn your business.