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                Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

                BBQ Sauces

                ?Allegro Fine Foods, Paris, TN, 731-642-6113,?www.allegromarinade.com
                Marinades, BBQ Sauces

                Amigos Foods, San Antonio TX, 800-580-3477,?www.amigosfoods.com
                Sauces, Salsas, Dips, Taco Sauce, Taco Shells, Refried Beans, BBQ Sauce

                Arbor Hill Grapery, Naples, NY, 800-554-7553,?www.thegrapery.com
                BBQ Sauces, Dips, Spreads, Vinegars, Juices, Jams, Dressings

                ?Arizona Spice Company, Mesa, AZ, 480-632-2168,?www.arizonaspice company?
                Gift Baskets, Salsa, Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Seasoning Mixes, Dip Mixes, Soups Chili, Blended Spices,
                Co-Packing, Manufacturing, Packaging Materials, Labeling, PLU's, Shelf Life TestingNutritional Analysis, FDA Requirements Private label, One on one product testing, Fresh high quality ingredients, R & D

                Ashburn Sauce Co., Virginia Beach, VA, 757-621-1113,?www.ashburnsauce.com
                Hot Sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, BBQ Sauce

                Ashlynn's Gourmet, Tarpon Springs, FL, 727-687-3267,?www.ashlynnsgourmet.com
                BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces

                Ashman Manufacturing Co., Virginia Beach, VA, 800-641-9924,?www.ashmanco.com
                BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Dry Rubs, Marinades, Salsas

                ?Backwoods Foods, Tahlequah, OK, 918-458-9300,?www.backwoodsfoods.com
                Salsas, Relishes, BBQ Sauces, Sauces, Pickles, Dips, Jams, Marinades, Gift Baskets, Pasta Sauce, Pasta, Seasonings

                ?Bartush Foods, Lewisville, TX, 972-219-1270,?www.bartushfoods.com
                Mexican Items, BBQ Sauces, Vinegars, Horseradish, Concentrated Mixers

                Best Brand Bottlers, Sarasota, FL, 941-755-1941,?www.bestbrandbottlers.com
                Hot Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Dressings, BBQ Sauces, Dips, Salsas

                Beneficial Blends, Tampa, FL, 800-230-5952,?www.beneficialblends.com
                Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Organic, Kosher, Salsa, Olive oil

                Big B Distributors, Evansville, IN, 812-425-5235,?www.big-b-barbecue.com
                BBQ Sauce, Salsa, Vinegar, Pickled Bologna, Seasonings
                Private Label: Custom private label sauces for your business
                Co-Packing: Formulate, bottle and label sauces recipes to our specifications
                Club Packing: Multi-bottle and tray configurations, shrink-wrap and pallet
                Foodservice: Packaging for the foodservice use with warehouse storage and full distribution options

                ?Blossom Valley Foods, Gilroy, CA, 408-848-5520,?www.blossomvalleyfoods.com
                BBQ Sauces, Dressings, Salsas, Oriental Sauces, Pasta Sauces

                Brooks Bottling Co., Oneonta, NY, 607-437-4215,?www.brooksbottling.com
                Sauces, Pasta Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Salad Dressings?

                C Vision Foods, Colorado Springs, CO, 719-459-3308,?www.visionfoodsllc.com
                Salsas, pasta sauces, barbecue sauces, salad dressings

                CMS Fine Foods, Healdsburg, CA, 707-473-9651,?www.cmsfinefoods.com
                Pasta Sauces, Marinades, Steak and Barbeque Sauces and Mustards

                Captain Foods, Edgewater, FL, 800-749-5047,?www.captainfoodsinc.com
                BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Gifts, Gluten Free, Seasonings

                Carolina Packing, Henderson, NC, 252-433-0134,?www.carolinapacking.com
                Bottling BBQ sauce & sauces of all types, marinades, jams, salsa, beverages, toppings, and more?
                We fill glass and plastic bottles from 1.5 fl. oz. and up to large drum and bulk tote capacities. Production batch sizes starting at just 150 gallons up to thousands of gallons. Need a 1 gallon lab sample made by our food science department? No problem. Contact us with your needs. Your CoPacker For Quality CoPacking

                Chubby's Sauces, Bernardston, MA, 413-478-2103,?www.chubbysauce.com
                Pasta Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Marinades, Seasonings

                Colgin, Inc., Dallas, TX, 888-226-5448,?www.colgin.com
                Juices, Mixers, Teas, Energy Drinks, Salsa, Ketchup, Mustare, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Liquid Smoke, Kosher

                County Fair Foods, Arlington, TX, 817-265-0094,?www.countyfairfoodsinc.net
                Hot Sauce, Salsa, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Gifts

                Crazy Uncle Jester's, Dayton, OH, 888-212-1519,?www.crazyunclejester.com
                BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Dips, Dessert Sauce, Jelly, Gifts

                Creative Foods Inc., Hanahan, SC, 843-747-5102,?www.creativefoodinc.com
                Mixers, BBQ Sauces, Cocktail Sauces, Hot Sauces, Marinades, Oriental Sauces, Pasta Sauces
                Acid/Acidified Sauces and Drink Mixes. Bloody Mary, Margarita, Daiquiri, & other cocktail mixes. Marinades, Cocktail Sauce,?Creole Sauce, & Gumbo. Barbecue sauces including ketchup, mustard, and vinegar bases and spices?
                Creative foods services include food product development, recipe testing, cost analysis, consultation, nutritional paneling, food processing and packaging. We are a certified processing facility, which is HACCP compliant, and inspected by the FDA and SCDA. Our client base extends throughout the continental United States and
                we Guarantee Product Shipment from coast-to-coast.?

                Croix Valley Foods, River Falls, WI, 612-756-4985,?www.croixvalleyfoods.com
                BBQ Sauces, Steak Sauce, Marinades, Seasonings

                ?Denny Mikes, Westbrook, ME, 207-251-0023,?www.dennymikes.com
                Barbecue Sauces, Seasoning Blends

                Farmer's Choice Food Brands, Media, PA, 610-499-9477,?www.promotioninmotion.com
                BBQ SAuces, Dressings, Salsa, Butters, Preserves

                First Commercial Kitchen, Waipahu, HI, 808-676-0880,?www.firstcommercialkitchen.com
                Salsas, Dressings, BBQ Sauces, Jams, Sauces, Butters, Sauces, Dry Mixes, Seasonings

                Flynn's Foods Inc.,Mechanicsville, VA, 804-779-3205,?www.flynnsfoods.com
                Dips, Cocktail Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressings, Marinade, Pasta Sauce

                Food for Thought, Honor, MI, 888-935-2748,?www.foodforthought.net
                Salsas, Honey, Preserves, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Oils, Relishes, Gifts, Organic
                Pasta Sauce, Rubs, BBQ Sauce, Dessert Sauce, Jalapeno Jelly, GMO Free

                ?Giovanni Foods, Syracuse, NY, 315-457-2373,?www.giovannifoods.com
                Pasta Sauces, Pizza Sauces, Salsas, Organic, BBQ Sauces, Mexican Sauces, Chili Sauce, Juices, Vinegar, Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Marinades

                GMB Specialty Foods, San Juan Capistranu, CA, 800-809-8298,?www.gmbfoods.com
                BBQ Sauces, Marinades, Dessert Sauces, Gluten Free, Healthy Lifestyle, Gifts, Pasta Sauce,Dressings

                Golden West Specialty Foods, Brisbane, CA, 800-584-4481,?www.gwfoods.com
                Gluten Free, Asian, BBQ Sauces, Dresings, Marinades, Hot Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Salsas

                Gracie's Kitchen, New Haven, CT, 203-773-0795,?www.gracieskitchen.com
                Salad Dressings, Salsas, Pasta Sauce, Relish, BBQ Sauce, Marinades, Specialty Sauces, Fresh Fruit

                Heiden's Foods, Fullerton, CA, 888-443-4336,?www.heidensfoods.com
                Soup Bases, BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Salsas, Relishes, Dry Mixes

                ?Heritage Specialty Foods, Dallas, TX, 503-252-1545,?www.heritagespecialtyfoods.com
                Soups, Sauces, Marinades?, BBQ Sauces

                Howard's Foods Copacking, Burnaby, BC, 604-922-3111,?www.howardsfoodsco-packin.com
                Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Marinades

                Hinkle Fine Foods, Dayton, OH, 937-836-3665,?www.hinklefinefoods.com
                ?Barbecue Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Wing Sauces, Jams, Jellies, Spreads, Salsas, Dry Mixes
                We can help with product development.
                It¡¯s all about getting the recipe to taste just the way you want it to, no matter how big a batch you need. We¡¯re in our kitchen tinkering until everything is perfect. Honestly, it¡¯s what we live to do. And no matter how hard you tickle us, we¡¯ll keep all recipes confidential.

                JB's Best, Athens, GA, 866-589-6456,?www.jbsauces.com
                BBQ Sauces, Salsas, Bloody Mary Mix, Ketchup
                Looking for custom products? Or have a recipe of your own you¡¯d like to have bottled & sold as a private label item? Talk to us about possibilities.Discounts & freight, Freight is additional. There are volume buying discounts; please ask for details.
                Minimums, Minimum order is 6 cases per item; fewer is allowed with an additional charge per unit., Labels
                We can print your labels for you, or work with you to ensure your labels are FDA compliant, and apply them here as you order. Ask for details.

                Jelco Foods LLC, Houston, TX, 281-794-4778,?www.jelcofoods.com
                BBQ Sauce, Rice Flour, Corn Meal, Marinades, Jalapenos, Pinto Beans, Packaging, Bottling, Labelling

                Kamuk, Cartago, Costa Rica, 506-2574-6203,?www.kamukcr.com
                Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Steak Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Dressing, Kosher, Organic
                Our Development & Research Department can duplicate almost any sauce on the market and develop new ones in record time.?

                Milo's Co-Packing, Athens, OH,?www.miloscopacking.com
                Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressing, Fruit Preserves, BBQ Sauce, Salsas, Bloody Mary Mix, Bruscetta Toppings

                National Food & Beverage, Dallas, TX, 214-905-9700,?www.national-foods.com
                Salsas, Sauces, Dressings, Dips, Oils, BBQ Sauces, Marinades, Ketchups, Relish, Mixers, Pasta Sauce

                Northwest Gourmet Foods, Renton, WA, 425-793-5001,?www.nwgourmetfoods.com
                Dressings, Sauces, Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Salsa

                New Hope Mills, Auburn, NY, 315-252-2676,?www.newhopemills.com
                Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Dry Mixes, Organic, Gluten Free, Syrup, Jams, Jellies, Dips, Dressings, Flour, Grains,
                ?Gifts, BBQ Sauces, Crackers

                Ol' Gringos, Mineral Wells, TX, 940-325-4275,?www.olgringos.com
                Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauces, Spices, Rubs, Gift Box Sets

                Original Juan, Kansas City, KS, 800-568-8468,?www.originaljuan.com

                BBQ Sauces, Dips, Spreads, Hot Sauces, Marinades, Snacks, Salsas, Pasta Sauces

                Palmieri Foods, New Haven, CT, 800-845-5447,?www.palmierifoods.com
                Pasta Sauces, Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Marinades

                Panola Pepper, Lake Providence, LA, 318-559-1774,?www.panolapepper.com
                Hot Sauces?, Steak Sauces, Worcestershire Sauce, Marinades, Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Stuffed Olives, Meat Seasonings, Bloody Mary Mix, Popcorn Rice, Variety Packs

                Paris Brothers Inc., Kansas City, MO, 816-455-4188,?www.parisbrothers.com
                Pasta Sauces, Salsa, Taco Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Asian Sauces, Dips, Dressings

                Peppers Unlimited of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA, 337-394-8035,?www.peppersunlimitedofla.com
                Cajun Sauces, Steak Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Marinades

                Pop's Pepper Patch, Louisville, KY, 502-523-6154,?www.popspepperpatch.com
                Dressings, BBQ Sauce, Marinades, Bloody Mary Mix, Pickled Beets, Condiments, Jelly, Chutney, Pickles

                ?Private Label Foods, Rochester, NY, 585-254-9205,?www.privatelabelfoods.com
                BBQ Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Hot Sauce, Marinades, Dressings

                SVB Copacking, Martinsburg, WV, 304-267-8500,?www.svbfoods.com
                Dressings, Beverages, Sauces, BBQ sauces, Hot Sauces, Steak Sauces
                ?Syrups, Dessert Toppers, Salsas & Dips?

                Santa Fe Ole Products, Santa Fe, NM, 505-473-0724,?www.santafeolefoodco.com
                Salsa, BBQ Sauces, Ketchup?

                Sauce Crafters, Riviera Beach, FL, 888-477-2823,?www.saucecrafters.com
                BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Hot Sauces, Gifts

                Shawnee Springs Cannery, Cross Junction, VA, 540-888-4164,?www.shawneesprings.com
                BBQ Sauces, Cider, Fruit Butters, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Dressings, Relish, Salsa, Syrups

                Signature Sauces, Independence, OH, 216-642-4605, Ext., 16,?www.signaturesauces.com?
                Chef driven recipes- pasta sauce, pizza sauce, salad dressing, BBQ, soup and condiments?
                Signature Sauces is a proprietary food manufacturing facility & private label contract packager in Ohio serving the Midwest. We specialize in pasta sauce, pizza sauce, salad dressing, BBQ, soup and condiments. Our knowledge of the food-service industry and customer brand allows us to develop products around functionality and custom tailor to your restaurant. We create innovative flavors and trends in our on-site culinary kitchen, led by our chefs and supported by food science. Our passion for results and customer focus supports your recipe from production to plate. We are a SQF level 2 certified facility and USDA & FDA inspected. We collaborate with many corporate chefs nationally to ensure food safety, quality, and consistency are upheld at each location.?

                Silver Spring Foods, Eau Claire, WI, 800-826-7322,?www.silverspringfoods.com
                Horseradish, Condiments, Mustards, Sauces, Kosher, BBQ Sauces, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings

                Southern Classic Food Group, Brundidge, AL, 334-735-3400,?www.southernclassicfood.com
                Dressings, Vinegar, Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Syrup, Mustard

                Spicin Foods, Kansas City Kansas, 800-568-8468,?www.spicinfoods.com
                BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Salsas, Gifts
                Co-pack refers to a customer¡¯s proprietary formulation, which Spicin Food produces under a contractual agreement. The customer retains all rights to and ownership of the proprietary formula. In fact, as described below, Spicin Foods signs a non? ?disclosure agreement forbidding it to produce or share the customer¡¯s formulation without prior approval.
                The process usually begins in the test kitchen. Within its corporate headquarters, Spicin Foods¡¯ modern test kitchen is a ¡°plant within a plant.¡± Spicin Foods employs a full-time chef and Product Development Coordinator to work with clients to create just the right flavor, viscosity, and appearance desired. The team works with food scientists at Kansas State University to conduct all necessary product testing, including shelf-life testing and nutritional analysis. Once they succeed in the test kitchen, the Spicin Foods team will ¡°ramp up¡± production to the main production floor.

                St. Cousair, Newberg, OR, 503-538-2929,?www.stcousair-oregon.com
                St. Cousair is capable of packing in glass jars and plastic containers. Our people and facility have the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture a diverse line of products:fruit preserves and jams,low sugar fruit preserves, fruit butters, fruit syrup, and, toppings, yogurt fruit base,smoothie fruit base fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks salad dressings, mustards
                BBQ sauces, canned fruit salsa, coffee syrups

                Stagecoach Sauces, Palatka, FL, 386-328-6330,?www.stagecoachsauces.com
                BBQ Sauces, Steak Sauces, Hot Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Ketchup,Marinades, Dressings, Syrups

                Stone Gate Foods, Shakopee, MN, 952-445-1350,?www.stone-gatefoods.com
                Hot Dogs, Chicken Skewers, Fruit Crisps, Frozen Fruit, Cookies, BBQ Sauce

                Summit Foods, Saint Paul, MN, 651-292-2048,?www.summitfoodsusa.com
                Salsa, BBQ Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressings

                The Sauceology Group Inc., Clearwater, FL, 727-389-3774,?www.thesauceologygroup.com
                Acidified & Acid Food Products, Dry Spice Blending, BBQ Sauces, Condiments, Dry Mixes
                Marinades, Pasta Sauces, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Seasonings